7 Dollar Secrets

7 Dollar SecretsThe  book and script 7 Dollar Secrets isn’t dead.

In fact, Don Morris is giving away free training on how to install the 7 Dollar Secrets Script.  He is hosting free webinars.  I signed up for this webinar this Saturday.

What is 7 Dollar Secrets?

Really, it is two things.

First, 7 Dollar Secrets is a short, to the point, no fluff, inexpensive 33 page report that shows you why creating and selling short, to the point, no fluff inexpensive information products that sell for $7 can be more lucrative and profitable than trying to create long, expensive ebooks that sell for $47, $67, or more.

The strategy is simple. You can quickly create many more high value information products products that focus on a single solution to a single problem, than trying to create a big 100 page or 200 page or more ebook that attempts to solve a number of problems with several solutions.  An information product of that size and comprehensive, can take weeks or even months to write.

And of course it is easier to sell an information product that only costs $7 or $9 or $17, then trying to sell an information product costing $47 or more. Low ticket purchases less than $10 or even less than $17, are spontaneous purchases – the buyer really doesn’t have to justify the purchase. And most low ticket purchases are paid with Palpal funds, which is quick and easy. But if you want someone to pay $47, $97, or $197 for a product, most people don’t have that in a Paypal accout, and so they get out their credit card – if they even get to that point of opening up their wallet.

Secondly, with the 7 Dollar Secrets report came a hidden gem – the 7 Dollar Secrets Script or 7DSS as it is known.  The 7 Dollar Secrets Script is a php script that automates the process of selling and delivering digital information products.  The latest version of the 7 Dollar Secrets Script is version 2.8.  You can get the 7 Dollar Secrets report and script for only $7 by clicking here.

You are probably asking yourself: What does this script do? And why do I need it? Why can’t I just stick a PayPal “Buy Now” button on a web page such as a salesletter?

The 7DSS php script has it strengths and weaknesses.  It’s strengths are:

  • Inexpensive (only $7);
  • You control it (the script resides on a webhost that you own);
  • If integrates seamlessly with PayPal;
  • It protects the downloads by giving a download link that expires;
  • It automatically adds your buyer to an autoresponder list
  • The 7DSS has the built in ability to offer your buyer a One Time Offer (OTO), which significantly raises your income and your customer/dollar value
  • Did I say that it was inexpensive? No reocurring monthly fees.

The 7 Dollar Secrets Scripts weaknesses are:

  • By default, you can only install the script and sell a single product from one domain (you cannot run a shopping cart with multiple items for sale) (you can install the script on subfolders in your domain, selling one product per folder);
  • Sometimes 7DSS chokes with PayPal and the buyer never gets to the download page;
  • It is a php script, and installation can be daunting to newbies;
  • The default salesletter template is rather butt ugly, and no other templates are provided;
  • If you want to change the buying sequence, you are forced to edit and change php code – not for the faint of heart
  • The only way to test if the script is working is to make an actual sale – no test mode.

Enter Don Morris.

Don Morris is a programmer, and created several expansion packs for the 7 Dollar Secrets Scripts.  These expansion packs included error checking of the installation, and what I consider the holy grail – PayPal test mode! No more getting your friends to make a purchase and then refunding them. Just login to the 7DSS admin screen, click a link, and violia! You can go through the purchase and test the entire sequence to make sure everything works without actually interacting with PayPal.


I purchased both the Admin Expansion and the Expansion pack.  And just recently, I bought all of Don’s expansion packs for the 7DSS.  Don had a customer appreciation sale, and offered all of his products for one low price to existing customers.

I bought.

The Admin Expansion and the Expansion packs are musts if you are going to install the script on more than one website.  It will save your sanity.  Highly recommended.

And the PayPal test mode is worth every penny!

The beauty of the 7DSS is that affiliates are paid instantly to their PayPal account – no waiting.  No affiliate program to manage.  An affiliate tacks on their PayPal email address at the end of the url, and forwards buyers to that url.  If someone buys, instant commissions.


There are many options for digital product delivery and getting traffic from affiliates.  The 7 Dollar Secrets Script is just one of them.  And hey, for only $7, how can you go wrong?

If you want to check out the script and give it a whirl, download the 7 Dollar Secrets report here, then look for the special link inside the report that allows you to download the script.

Let me know how it goes.