I live in Bend, Oregon.  Not many people who move to Bend ever leave.  Someone once said “Bend is a trap….but it is a nice trap.”


Mike Darling
Mike Darling

We moved from Western Oregon, or “The Valley” as the locals call it, five years ago.  We haven’t missed the rain.

I started marketing digital products on-line, and after a year and a half, figured out how to build websites, drive traffic, make money, and capture contact information from visitors.

Several months ago I realized after breakfast with a small business owner, that the internet marketing world I lived in – creating direct response websites, hearing the mantra “build a list build a list build a list…the money is in the list”, learning how to build SEO friendly websites, how to capture visitor contact information, during our conversation over pancakes and eggs, I realized that most small business owners hadn’t heard any of this before.

Most business had a website that didn’t make them money….it actually cost them money.

So, I started showing small business owners how to use the internet to acquire and keep customers.

The results have been amazing.

Building websites that actually have a ROI instead of just being an expense, is a pleasure.  I have really enjoyed helping small business owners become more profitable by having the right kind of website, and by helping the small business connect with their customers.

Interested in learning more?

Go to my business website www.smarterwebsolutions.com.

Then give me a call at 541-480-3113 to discover how a website can actually make money for your business.

-Mike Darling