Business on a Laptop Computer

Well, I am going to do it… I am going to transfer everything I need to conduct my online business from a desktop computer to a laptop computer.

My desktop computer is a white box computer with a Soyo Dragon motherboard that I bought from The computer I bought from was a barebones computer – it had a case, motherboard, and cpu. I added memory, video card, hard drive, a CD-ROM drive, and a read/writable DVD drive. It has been a great computer. My only complaint was that the power supply failed about six months after I bought it. I replaced it with some no name power supply…and that failed also. I finally replaced the power supply with a dual fan Antec which cost me $60, but since then it has run cool and quiet. I guess you get what you pay for.

My Soyo Dragon computer runs great, but it is pretty much fixed in location, so when I am away out of town, it is difficult to check my email, do my work, build websites, etc. Time to move my business to a laptop computer….

We have two laptop computers, a Compaq Presario V5101US. I bought it about one and one-half years ago for a pretty good price. It was the last one at Staples, and it was a floor model and had some scratches, so they cut 10% off the sales price. I have used it while traveling, but because not all my files and programs are on the Presario laptop, I really have not been able to do any serious work while out of town. It is a great computer with a nice clear 15.4″ screen and large keyboard. It’s only negatives are that it only has two USB ports, no firewire ports, and only a 60 GB hard drive.

We also have a newer HP Pavilion DV2120US laptop that has a faster AMD Turion dual core processor, 1 GB of memory, and a 120 GB hard drive. It’s only negatives are that it has a smaller 14″ screen. Oh, and this was my wifes computer that she used in our failed franchise. She only uses the HP Pavilion laptop for checking email now, so I think that this would be a better choice for me and my on-line business, and she could use the Presario V5101US laptop.

The big part of this is setting up Firefox browser and programs and data and everything else on the laptop. I suppose that there is a simple way…we will see. This will be a good time to uninstall clutter….

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