Customer Service and Dollar Rent a Car

My family and I are on a two week vacation in the Southeast.  We flew into Orlando Airport (MCO) and picked up a Dodge Caravan from Dollar Rent a Car.  The vans were parked in the lower level of a parking garage, so it was rather dark, and I really didn’t have a chance to view the condition of the vehicle.

We drove the vehicle that evening until 8:30 pm.  Then stayed in a hotel in Altamont Springs.  Got up the next morning and drove 10+ hours to Boone, North Carolina.  It was here in Boone, that I really got a chance to look at the vehicle.

The tires are worn badly.  Especially on the driver’s side.  Here are pictures of the tires:

The contract states that the vehicle is is “good condition” .  But I don’t think that the tires are in “good condition”.

So here is an opportunity for customer service.  Let’s see how Dollar Rent a Car is doing so far.

Yesterday and today, I contacted customer service, explained the situation, and asked what could be done.  I emphasized the fact that we like the car, and I made a point to say that supplying a vehicle with badly worn tires must have been an oversight on their part.  I explained that we were in Boone, North Carolina, and headed to South Carolina in a couple of days.

Dollar Rent a Car’s response has been to tell me to take the car to a Dollar Rent a Car facility, and exchange the car there.

The problem is that there is no facility here in Boone.  The nearest is in Greensboro Airport, North Carolina, which is about two hours away.  And there are no Dollar Rent a Car facilities in South Carolina.  And we can exchange the car in Florida, but we won’t be there until a week in our trip.

So we are inconvienced by the fact that we are renting a vehicle NOT in “good condition” with tires that are in my opinion unsafe to drive on.  And the best that Dollar can do is to have me take time out of my vacation and drive out of my way to exchange the vehicle. They will probably just turn the vehicle around and rent it to another unluckly soul…

Because I wanted to document this (especially if anything, God forbid, should happen on wet roads) I went to their website, and found a Contact Us page, with a form to fill out.  I filled it out and submitted it.  After submitting I am told that it will take 3 to 7 days for them to respond.

Shame on Dollar Rent a Car!  This is the 21st Century!  Is that the best you can do?

All I want is to go to a local, nearby tire repair facility authorized by Dollar Rent a Car, and have tires in “good condition” installed on the car.

We’ll see what their response is to resolve this.  But based on the real lack of understanding the issue (safety of their customers) I don’t doubt that the response will be canned and in the interest of the company and not the customer.

Customer Service and Dollar Rent a Car?  Not that I have seen yet.

Earn1KaDay Seminar in Las Vegas

Getting excited about my up coming trip to Las Vegas.  I am going to attend the Earn1KaDay “Underground Marketers” seminar the weekend of May 21-23, 2010.  I am looking forward to meeting people I’ve known on-line for a while, breaking bread together, and building JV partnerships.

Probably very few of the speakers are the typical “guru” status like at most seminars, except maybe Jason Fladlien, James J. Jones, and The Rhodes Brothers.  And Dennis Becker, the organizer, has a strict no product pushing from the stage policy.  The goal is to learn from each other.

One of the members of the forum lives in Las Vegas, and teaches a beer making class.  A couple of months ago he said that he was going to have his class brew a porter similar to our Deschutes Black Butte Porter.  Looking forward to sampling the home brew porter!

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Just got back to Bend, Oregon from a week of camping in south Central Oregon. We were camping at a location about 18 miles south of Paisley, Oregon, along the Chewaucan River.

I had just purchased a used large green wall tent. I was concerned that it was a little large. But after setting it up and hauling inside all our stuff – cots, cooking tables, wood stove, picnic tables, my wife said that it was just right….and she couldn’t see staying inside anything smaller.

I am glad we had a wall tent. The first night the temperature dropped into the teens..and every night it was in the 20’s….so the shelter provided by the wall tent and the warm heat provided by the wood stove was welcome.

Half way through the week, we all piled into the van and went to the Summer Lake Hot Springs resort, bathed in the hot mineral springs, then took a warm refreshing shower.

The Summer Lake Hot Springs is a little known secret, but well known to the locals. The hot springs bath house was built in 1927, so the inside is a little funky, but overall, fairly clean. There are changing rooms, but no security, so you best leave your valuables locked up in the car.

The water inside the Summer Lake Hot Springs bathhouse was warm – but not overly hot. The hot spring water comes in through a pipe on the side of the pool. For a special treat just stand in the water next to the hot spring water coming in from the pipe…wonderful!

I did note an interesting sign in the rafters “Stay Off Rafters”. Hmmm, I imagine that there have been some adventurous souls that have climbed into the rafters to drop down into the bath waters below….Also, while letting the tired muscles relax, look above in the rafters and check out the glow-in-the-dark plastic bugs that someone has placed there.

The cost to indulge in the mineral waters at the Summer Lake Hot Springs is very reasonable – $5.00 per person. There are also RV parking spaces, and a couple of cabins that you can rent.

If you are in the Summer Lake area, and want to indulge yourself, stop by the Summer Lake Hot Springs and bath your cares away.