Earn1KaDay Seminar in Las Vegas

Getting excited about my up coming trip to Las Vegas.  I am going to attend the Earn1KaDay “Underground Marketers” seminar the weekend of May 21-23, 2010.  I am looking forward to meeting people I’ve known on-line for a while, breaking bread together, and building JV partnerships.

Probably very few of the speakers are the typical “guru” status like at most seminars, except maybe Jason Fladlien, James J. Jones, and The Rhodes Brothers.  And Dennis Becker, the organizer, has a strict no product pushing from the stage policy.  The goal is to learn from each other.

One of the members of the forum lives in Las Vegas, and teaches a beer making class.  A couple of months ago he said that he was going to have his class brew a porter similar to our Deschutes Black Butte Porter.  Looking forward to sampling the home brew porter!

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