Moving Outlook and Files to Computer Laptop

Well, it is still not done yet. I was going to move my files from my desktop computer, a whitebox computer purchased from with a SoyoDragon motherboard, to a Hewlet Packer Pavilion DV2120US laptop….and it is still not done…

My biggest problem with moving to the HP laptop, has been getting the dreaded “Enter Network Password” prompt in Outlook on the laptop. I am running Outlook 2003 Small Business Edition, and when I launch Outlook, I get this annoying pop up window that wants my password for the pop3 email account. I give it the password, check the Save Password box, and it gets my mail, and then several minutes later, asks me again for the password….Outlook 2003 has amnesia and doesn’t remember the password….

I googled the phrase “Outlook Enter Network Password” and I am not the only one with this problem. Microsoft has a solution to this problem here at Microsoft Article ID 290684. But I followed the directions, and Outlook 2003 still has amnesia. I cannot tell you how much time I have spent the past several days trying to fix this problem…

And to compound my frustration, I found a program to synch Outlook files on two or more computers OsaSync. Very cool program. It installs easily and runs fine on my desktop computer and my older and slower Compaq V5101US laptop, but when I run Outlook on the HP laptop, I not only get the “Enter Network Password” popup, I also get an error message from OsaSync. So clearly something is wrong with Outlook. I have installed the latest service packs (SP3) but no change….

I think to keep moving a head, I am going to only have one email pop3 account using Outlook (my main business account email) so I can have a calendar, contacts, etc, and use Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client for all other pop3 email accounts.

I just wish Thunderbird had a built in calendar function compatible with Outlook.

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