Next Internet Disaster Review

Next Internet Disaster Review

Next Internet Disaster
Stuart Stirling has written a short report titled Next Internet Disaster. The purpose of the report (besides to make a little money for Mr. Stirling) is to warn you why you will most likely fail at your internet marketing venture – unless you treat your business as a business. And Stuart Stirling is pretty blunt at revealing who’s responsible for the success of your business.

And guess what?

That person is you.

I came across the Next Internet Disaster report by…, well I forget. I read some guru’s newsletter, clicked on a link, then somehow ended up at the salesletter. Oh my gosh, red headlines, fire and flames in the graphic header, and a warning that I am destined to fail before I get started in internet marketing…..

But once I got past the annoying visual elements, I actually read the salesletter. And Mr. Stirling seemed to talk about what few gurus, mini-gurus, and wanna be gurus talk about – failure.

So I bought the report.

Hey, it was only $5.95 USD. (Update:  This report is now $14.95 discounted from $19.95 USD.  It is still a bargain at that price IF you take action!) No big deal. I figure that if I could get one thing out of it that I could apply to my on-line business, it would be well worth the five bucks and change.

As you go through the purchasing process, pay attention boys and girls and learn something! This is how you do online marketing. Watch every offer that Stuart presents, examine the one time offer (OTO) page, and even the download page. Stuart Stirling does something few marketers do.

On the thank you or download page, he not only has the download link to the report, but has additional offers.

Very smart. Very cool.

Review of Next Internet Disaster

The report is 37 pages. This page count includes the cover page, bio page, and copyright page. This is a short report that should probably be shorter. But more about that later.

The report starts off by giving you a single piece of advice that if you practice this, your online success will succeed. A secret that every successful business owner has found. And it isn’t about quitting.

Stuart goes on to explain:

  • The real secret to making money. And no, it isn’t what you think…
  • A hidden secret to success. This one is dead simple. But if you don’t pay attention to this secret, you will be the star of your own internet marketing disaster.
  • Who is your market. Once you realize this, your marketing focus becomes clear, and your success almost guaranteed.
  • What to do if you don’t succeed… Stuart’s answer may surprise you!
  • How to really profit in business, and if you think that it is simply selling something, then you’re wrong!
  • Stuart’s big mistake in business, and how he profited from it. And how you can profit from your own mistakes.
  • Failure. This is the Big One in my opinion. You will fail. And why you should fail. And if you want to succeed, why you should fail even faster.

Pros: What I liked

Stuart Stirling has produced a blunt in-your-face short report that goes to the heart of why most online marketers don’t make money. And Stuart has laid out in his own direct fashion, what you need to do, and what you need to believe, in order to succeed at making money online.

Follow his advice, and you may be able to avoid being an internet disaster.

Cons: What I didn’t like

The report is written in large font and has lots of white space. A common tactic used by authors to e-x-p-a-n-d text to fill pages.

The report would probably be only 20 pages or so if written in normal size font. Yipes! Either give me content or shorten the report. Please don’t expand the fonts just so I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth.


Stuart Stirling has hit on something here, based on his own experience and failure of trying to make money on-line, and watching other marketers tailspin into the ground. And I think that his advice is spot on.

He doesn’t sugar coat his observations or advice, and you may not like who you find out who is responsible for your success. But if you keep an open mind, and pull out 2 or 3 things you can use, and TAKE ACTION, then the report is well worth it.

For $5.95 $14.95 USD, the Next Internet Disaster is well worth the money, and it may even save your online sanity.

And you may escape the doom of most internet marketers, and actually create a real business on-line and actually make real money!

Get it here.

Read it with a pen and take notes.

Then go and take action.

UPDATE:  Stuart Stirling has recently raised the price of this shocking report to $14.95 USD.     I still heartily recommend the report because if you read it and take action, you can avoid the mistakes made by 96% of all other marketers who try and fail at internet marketing.  Plus, like all of Stuart’s products, he stands behind his products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  You can purchase with confidence. (There is another lesson there!)  Buy it.  Download it.  Print it out.  Read it.  – Mike

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  1. Yes, often in our haste to purchase a product, we forget to pay attention to the process….watch what successful marketers do…then go do the same….

    After seeing this, I have now monetized my 404 pages, and have started adding additional offers on my download and thank you pages … I haven’t seen a flood of money from this yet, but, hey it’s valuable real estate that otherwise is wasted with white space.

    And I figure that if your new customer has survived the angst of the buying process and likes what you sold them, and because their credit card is already out, it should be easier for them to make another purchase….

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