Oregon Coast, Siltcoos Lake, and Labor Day

What do the Oregon Coast, Siltcoos Lake, and Labor Day have in common?

How about a great and glorious end of summer weekend.  The boys have been sandboarding, skateboarding, and towed behind the boat on inner tubes.

We have fished, hiked, swam, slept and eaten.  And I even wrote 5 articles for my new website on carnivorous plants.

Ready to Go Bear Hunting at Siltcoos Lake, Labor Day 2010

Here is a photo of me on Sunday morning, coffee in hand, as I and the owner of the boat, a friend named John, are preparing to go black bear hunting.  We take the boat to the far east end of Siltcoos Lake, get out on the land, and then scramble up the bank to a skid road which we follow for over a mile.  At that point, the road dips into an area filled with mosquitoes, blackberries, skunk cabbage – a  black bear dinner.

We walked the dirt and graveled road for about four hours and didn’t see or hear a bear.  We did see a lot of bear sign though, and they have obviously been feeding on the blackberries.  We cut real fresh tracks of a large bull elk and a few cows.  The big boy must be getting into the rut and is probably gathering his harem.  We didn’t hear any bugling, but the bulls must be starting to move into the rut by now.

We also saw several ducks on an upland pond, who took off pretty quickly when they say us.  Pretty skittish.

Better luck next time.