Oregon Spring is Yet to Come

Well, so much for global warming.  Oregon spring has been delayed again.  Plus we live at an elevation of 3,500 feet, so frost comes early in the year, and lingers in the spring.

The thermometer this morning reads 21 degrees F.  Clear and cold.  A major storm moved through the Pacific Northwest this week, dumping snow on the mountains.

Spring will get here sooner or later…..

I had tried planting tomatoes about a month ago, and several days later was covering the plats with plastic.  As it snowed.

Later that week I dug up the tomato plants and replanted them in pots.  So now we move the tomato plants in and out of the house.  During the night, they stay in the garage.  And we move them out to the sun during the day.

I think that I need to build a hoop passive solar greenhouse made out of PVC pipe.  I think that I can gain 2 months on the front end of the season and a month a the other end by growing plants in a solar green house.  My friends say just go to the store and buy tomatoes and vegetables.

I say, this is man versus nature!  It is a battle and I will win!

No, we don’t want to calculate the cost per pound of tomato.. we don’t even want to go there.  The objective is fresh home grown tomatoes.  It will be fun to get there!