Review of Acer C7 Chromebook

Well I did it… I just picked up a new Acer Chromebook running the Chrome OS.


Well, I travel several times a year, and I am tired of lugging my 17-inch laptop around in airports and planes.  I wanted something light and portable.

And I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money.  I am not replacing my HP laptop which is my primary computer.  I was looking to supplement it with something that could do 90% of most of my tasks on the road.

Verdict so far?  Pretty Good!

I picked it up for $172 at Best Buy which was an open box price.  Someone returned it.  The regular price is $199 which is still pretty remarkable.  I am typing this review now on my new Acer Chromebook on my lap.

I was looking for something small and light and portable that I could put into my backpack when traveling – no separate computer laptop bag.  And I wanted something cheap so that if lost or stolen I wouldn’t be out of a lot of money.

I really looked hard at the ASUS X201E-DHO1 which runs Ubuntu flavor of Linux and costs $299 at  Probably better construction than the Acer Chromebook and the reviews of the Asus laptop commend the audio.  Just fyi the speakers on the Acer Chromebook suck.  I mean really bad.  However the sound is great with earphones…

BUT! and this is a huge but – I can install ChrUbuntu on this Acer Chromebook laptop and dual boot between the ChromeOS and Ubuntu.

So for 90% of what I do online working in the cloud, working on WordPress sites,  the Chromebook is probably going to be sufficient.  If I really need to do some graphic editing or use Filezilla, then I will boot into Ubuntu and get that done.

Will keep everyone posted on the status.

Verdict so far?  Awesomeness!