Why You Should Outsource

Here is my feeble attempt at producing a header graphic after an hour’s worth of work:

Exhibit A: Really bad header made by me

And then I broke down and decided to hire someone from fiverr.com to do a header for me.  For $5.  I sent them to my website, told them what I was looking for – fuzzy warm dog and a satellite.  They said they could do it no problem.  I sent them $5 via PayPal,  wrote more articles for the website, then went to bed.  I woke up and it was done.  And here it is!

Exhibit B: Great looking header! This is why to outsource

It isn’t perfect.  I think I would rather have the text to the left.

But good enough is good enough.  Exhibit B is miles and miles better than Exhibit A.

And I spent my time doing something more important.

Writing content.

No longer do I have to do everything.  For $5, I can have someone else who is a LOT better than me do something faster and better.

I like this outsourcing thing.